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Evidence-Based Investing

Our Evidence-Based approach to investing draws on more than 90 years of data and research 

Our Evidence-Based Solution

Achieving your most important goals shouldn’t depend on guesswork, gut instincts, emotions or unnecessary risks. 

You need a solidgloballydiversified approach—grounded in decades of data and academic research—that harnesses financial science and puts the power of markets to work for you.

1. Evidence-Based

We begin with the evidence: decades of data, analysis and insights from some of the best minds in finance and academia (including 12 Nobel Laureates) on factors that can help decrease risk and increase potential returns.*

*Nobel Laureate

2. Best-of-Breed

Using a rigorous screening process, we identify and implement an optimized blend of investment management expertise for each. We work with a team of top investment managers, carefully aligning their expertise in accessing specific asset classes and factors of return in order to optimize each portfolio.

3. Disciplined & Independent

We believe a consistent, long-term approach is essential, but readily embrace new research when it can make a real difference for investors.

We also go to exceptional lengths to try and minimize every fraction of returns lost to income taxestransaction costs, and other inefficiencies.

All of our Evidence-Based solutions employ an exclusive blend of top Money Managers and offer a world of smart-diversification.

Broadly Diversified
Cost Conscious
Process Driven
Tax Sensitive

Putting the Factors of Return in Your Portfolio

key component of our Evidence-Based approach is incorporating factors of return. Factors are characteristics of stocks or bonds that have been identified by extensive research as offering the potential for:

  • Higher returns over time
  • Reduced risk*

Just as healthy diets depend on the right nutrients…portfolio returns depend largely on the right factors. This is why we believe that factor diversification is just as important as asset class diversification for a better long-term investment experience, especially when it comes to portfolios. Because not all factors outperform all of the time, we believe that a factor strategy requires a long-term focus, regardless of short-term performance.

Investment Factors

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